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Why Coiled Cords Are So Versatile


In a world where cords have become a fact of life, some people may not take noticed of them or the part they play in our lives. Coiled cords are some of the most versatile types on the market. One great benefit these cables can offer is flexibility and longer life of wires. Traditional wiring can bend and eventually break or stop working due to crimps in the wires. With this style, the wires are able to stretch without danger of breaking.

A person may see multiple examples of this throughout their day. Many telephones have this style of wiring to make it easier to move as a person speaks. When a person has increased mobility with in an office or home, they are able to multitask if they wish without diminishing their communications. Along with telephones, these cables can be found on mobile control units such as those in emergency vehicles.

Another place this style can be of great benefit is around heavy equipment. Whether they are connecting a tractor and trailer together or allowing mining equipment to move more freely deep in the tunnels, these cables can make life much easier.

These cables can also help save lives when they are used in the medical field. When they allow cables to stretch to the area where they are needed, then pull them back without any fuss, they can cut time down for doctors and nurse. They also help keep cables out of the way so they no longer pose a tripping hazard.

Sometimes, even small thin cables can make a difference. For instance, the tiny cables which run from the antistatic wrist straps to the grounding source to allow computer repair to be done safely. Without this addition, many computers would be in danger of static shock which can destroy a system.

Even large machines such as robots can use these cables. In a factory setting where a machine needs to move more than a few inches, this can be very help in that, the manufacturer does not have to worry about the machine catching the cables as much. If the cables spring back as the machine returns to its resting position then there is less chance of problems.

Coiled cords have many uses in many different places. Whether it is helping doctors save patients or helping make factories safer, they will be ready to spring when the need arises.

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