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Why Offshore eCommerce Flourished


Even a few decades back, this would have probably been unthinkable — offshore eCommerce is the new face of doing business in the 21st century. In simple terms, offshore eCommerce means running a business online from over the miles, the geographical distance notwithstanding. Of course, this has its numerous benefits; otherwise it would not have flourished across the globe. But here we would discuss the why’s and how’s of its gaining ground to take the masses by storm.

The end of the cold war among nations has opened up a promising space for offshore businesses to become today’s reality. There was a time when some parts of the world were beyond limits to the rest. Now, these are accessible and much sought-after by expatriates, businessmen and tourists. Imagine people flocking to Budapest, Bulgaria, China or Prague some years back; it would seem impossibility. But now these are top-notch attractions for expatriates because of cheaper living, cheaper business costs, more employment opportunities, better real estates at better prices and more. So naturally these were fertile grounds for people to target them as bases for offshore eCommerce.

Secondly, the Internet played a big role in this paradigm shift of business-making. With the world coming at your fingertips via the World Wide Web (www), no wonder it has paved way for growing online businesses far and near. You can live in New Jersey and run a business in Siberia or Macau or anywhere in the world. That way you can choose the locale, the legal and tax basis of your business. Not just an offshore business, you may even benefit from having an offshore residence somewhere in the world as your cheaper fall-back option. If offshore real estates cost you 30% less than what you currently have in your country, and if that means more promises for less money, why wouldn’t be anyone game for it?

Another reason for flourishing offshore eCommerce is the economic globalization. Today’s world is globalized in its economy, though the practice of powerful nations exploiting the less-powerful nations still prevails. In such a world, offshore eCommerce is a wise choice and breeds umpteen promises of profit. Since it is not mandatory to leave your native place to avail the offshore opportunities, people have more than willingly grabbed this concept. You may later choose to leave your country or stay there. Offshore banking has also been a welcome thought hand in hand with this that has proved to be enormously beneficial to its users worldwide.

For all these, offshore eCommerce today is a successful attempt at making money and enjoying it completely yourself, without going through much tax worries or legal hassles. It is an intelligent mode of doing business and would soon be the daily bread of many.


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