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Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphones Coming Soon, But What Will They Bring?


Unless you are into the habit of flashing your windows mobile phone with user-made ROMs there currently is no Windows Mobile 6.5 device out there yet. If you are interested in flashing your Windows Mobile device by the way, check out the following website (only the best website there is for custom ROMs (made by people other than phone companies): search for XDA-Developers. But Microsoft has announced that the first Windows Mobile Smartphone’s are just around the corner. 6 October is the date. So what is all the fuss about? What will they bring to the table that we haven’t already seen in 6.1?

Windows Marketplace

Well for starters; Windows Marketplace (see screenshot below). Windows Mobile users will finally have proper way to get over the air applications and games, paid and free. Microsoft is quite the late bloomer in this department as both iPhone OS and android mobile phones have had applications shops for more than a year now. Let’s hope there will be a bit of a catch-up in development soon. Handsets like the HTC Touch HD have had little attention from mobile game developers, of course there are exceptions.

New home screen

Windows Mobile 6.5 by default features a new home screen called Titanium. It’s very finger friendly and looks to be beautiful and smooth to the eye. From the new homescreen you can control all of your phone functions like SMS, E-Mail, SMS and more.

New lock screen

The new lock screen offers a new slide left or right to unlock, which is very finger friendly. Not only does the lock screen allow for a nice unlock mode, but also shows the current background you are using for your home screen. You can also see a battery, sound and reception indicator in the top right of the screen.

Next to these features the lock screen offers notifications for SMS, voicemail, missed calls and new e-mail. The great thing is that like how you unlock the phone with sliding to the left or right (as indicated by the arrows in the screenshot, you can also slide the missed calls, sms, voicemail and e-mail notifications to the left or right. This will take you directly to the notification you decided to drag. The phone will unlock and you will see your item directly.

Kinetic scrolling

Next to some other smaller UI tweaks Microsoft has made for Windows Mobile 6.5 one of the better ones is system wide kinetic scrolling. This means that when you scroll your contacts, a website, or just a file structure of any type it will not only look a lot better than before but also feel much more natural. What the kinetic scrolling really means is that when for example you give your phone a quick ‘flick’ and move your finger really fast, the list you are navigating will gain a much bigger acceleration, speed and longevity then for example a soft touch would.

For all us Windows Mobile 6.5 enthusiasts lets hope Windows Mobile 6.5 will not disappoint and brings some great hardware and software with it in the near future.



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