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Wizard 101 – Djal and His Guards


My son asked me the other day for help with a boss. “I know you’ve cleared all of Krokotopia solo…but I can’t beat this guy because he has 3 guards with him and it’s one vs. four.” I knew exactly what he was talking about, because, like him, I didn’t read the quest instructions clearly the first time. If you walk into the room where Taskmaster Djal is, you’ll notice that he has a bunch of guards with him. However, if you follow the quests correctly, you can actually fight him without any guards helping him. In the Karanahn Barracks, there is a quest to defeat Kiwu. Notice that there is a table of food behind him. In your quest log, the instructions were to defeat Kiwu to put a sleeping potion in the food. Many people miss this step.

Cheer up! If you’ve already beaten Kiwu and he has respawned, you can simply walk around behind him. Stay close to the wall and you will not be pulled into combat. You can get behind him, to the table…where you can hit X to put the potion in the food. Then when you enter Taskmaster Djal’s room, he is there alone! No more guards. One note: for some reason Quest Helper points the wrong direction for Taskmaster Djal. Ignore it. To find him, after you’ve put the sleeping potion in the guard’s food, if you are standing behind Kiwu, simply stick to the right. Stay to the right wall, and keep turning right until you come to a door with the portals in front of it. He’s in there.

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