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Xbox 360 E74 Towel Trick – Does it Really Work?


Does the Xbox 360 E74 towel trick really work? The very idea of using towels to fix your Xbox 360 may make many people scoff at the idea! Nevertheless many have tried using this method to fix the well know E74 error on their Xbox 360, but does it really work?

Well, the simple answer to that question is yes and no! The Xbox 360 E74 towel trick has worked for some but not others and here’s why! The main reason many use the towel trick is because their Xbox 360 is overheating and has given them the E74 error or even the red ring of death!

The towel trick works by wrapping several towels around your Xbox 360 while it is switched on, which obviously blocks the vents as well as the air flow! This cause the console to overheat internally! The heat generated is supposed to repair any broken solder joints as they are melted and then re-soldered, all of this takes place in about 15 minutes, so you can see the appeal, its fast!

However, this method was never meant to be used on such a hi-tech piece of equipment. In fact, by using this method you will drastically shorten the life span of the Xbox 360! Those who have used this method have only been able to get their Xbox 360 going again for a few days or so before using the method again!

However, it seems that after 3 or 4 tries you can no longer use your console as the motherboard has most probably been fried! Even if your warranty has expired, the towel trick is not a recommended method as it will destroy your Xbox 360 eventually, and because of the intense heat generated, many have even started a fire in their living room, so beware!

Rather than settle for a quick fix that doesn’t work anyway, many have decided to go down a much safer route and buy a repair guide showing how to fix the E74 error as well as the red ring of death. This is a much better idea than wrapping towels around your Xbox 360 and its a whole lot safer too!

The best thing about these repair guides is that they contain a set of high quality demonstration videos of the actual repair process which makes it real easy to follow along, and best of all, by following one of these guides you could fix the E74 error permanently and be playing your games within a couple of hours!

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