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How To Download And Watch YouTube Videos In Different Formats

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Lots of people upload videos to YouTube for sharing with other Internet users. There are a wide-range of videos to enjoy. Sometimes, only sharing YouTube video on Internet does not make us satisfied. We also want to download them to our PC and show the video to others on our phone or other portable devices. Fortunately, with some hacks this can easily be done, and also Xilisoft YouTube Converter is capable of downloading and converting at one click.

1: Free download YouTube converter and install. Follow the steps below.

1. Create a new task

Click “New Download” button on the toolbar to open the “New Download” window, then copy the URL of the YouTube video you want and paste it into the “URL” field.

2. Select the format and destination for output

On New download panel,you can choose settings for output video.

3. Start to convert

Click “OK” to close the “New Download” dialog, and then the program will start the new task automatically.

During the “converting” process, you can control the process by the “Pause”, “Stop” and “Remove” button according to your need.

2: The ‘SS’ technique: 
    Well this method is not very common, but I’ll be droping the trick here….

1. goto the url of the YouTube video you would like to download.. It would be more preferable if you use a web browser

2. From the top of the browser where the link appears, remove the ‘www.’ and replace it with ‘ss’ as seen in the image below….

3. Finally download in your most preferred format… Like in the sample image below..

I hope the tutorial would be helpful to those in need of viewing YouTube videos in different formats, all these features can make the whole process much easier and faster. Share to those who needs its and be sure to come back for more.. If you are still encountering any problem, drop them in the comments below..


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