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How to Enable Night Mode on HTC U Ultra

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HTC recently launched its new series of U smartphones, including the HTC U Ultra. After concluding its press conference in Taipei, HTC’s YouTube account was updated with a few new promo videos with sizzle videos and uplifting footage.

Another video surfaced again on how you can activate Night Mode on HTC U Ultra. HTC uploaded the video to their official YouTube Channel. The video practically explains how to enable Night Mode on HTC U Ultra, and the video explains it all quite quickly with some questionable acting. But for the sake of those that would not want to goto youtube, I’ll be writing down the steps..

As we all know the usefulness of activating Night Mode. Night Mode’s main goal is to reduce the brightness of your screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings.

HTC U Ultra is also known as HTC Ocean Note. It’s a 5.7 inches smartphone that will be coming in two variants, which Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection will be coming to the 64 GB variant, and Sapphire crystal glass for the 128 GB variant. See more specifications of HTC U Ultra.

HTC has enabled the Night Mode in its latest smartphone – the HTC U Ultra. The Night Mode enables the user to switch off the blue light and give the screen a soothing amber look.  ( HTC )
The Night Mode feature for Android 7.0 was expected to provide users with the ability to eradicate the blue light on the display. Now users of the HTC U Ultra will be able to peruse the functionality as a new YouTube video shows off how the feature can be activated.

For the unfamiliar, the Night Mode addition lends an amber look to the screen. In the absence of a blue light emanating from the screen, a user may find it convenient to fall asleep as removing the light would make the screen look warmer. This would prevent the light from impacting the users sleep cycle.

How Does It Work?
The developer preview of Android 7.0 had Night Mode included in it, but by the time the OS launched for the public, the mode was hidden. Even, Night Mode Enabler, a third-party app which is supposed to help reveal the feature in handsets running on Android 7.0, has been disabled by Android 7.1.

So, it completely depends on the phone manufacturer, whether it wants the Night Mode to work on the handset or not, even if the device runs on Android 7.0.

However it seems that the recently-launched HTC U Ultra is going to offer to users the Night Mode feature out of the box.

How To Enable The Night Mode
HTC  has released a 30-second YouTube video showcasing how the U Ultra customers can enable and utilize the feature. Following the simple steps below will ensure that the Night Mode has been activated on in HTC U Ultra.

Step 1: Scroll down the notification bar.

Step 2: Click the “Night Mode” option in the Quick Setting to turn it on.

Users can also modify and put custom options on the Night Mode in order for it to turn itself on or off at a certain point of time. The steps below shows how you can customize the Night Mode easily.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your HTC U Ultra.

Step 2: From Settings, navigate to “Display, Gestures & Buttons” option.

Step 3: Next, cick on Night Mode.

Step 4: The Night Mode will allow the users to change the color temperature and schedules and enable it automatically.

Thanks for reading, I hope this tutorial was helpful..


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