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Reasons Why You Should Listen To Good Music Before You Sleep

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Though listening to music before going is a normal habit to some people, there are others who see it as perhaps a waste of time or battery. Well, scientifically proven, listening to music before going to bed or listening to music in general has a lot of health benefits. 
I’ll be highlighting just a few below. 

1. Music helps to clear the mind of unhealthy thoughts; yes for instance after a stressful day at work and all the frustrations from your boss and coworkers, the human mind tends to be filled with unwanted and unhealthy thoughts. The in most cases, this prevents good night rest. Listening to music therefore helps you focus the mind on something else, sometimes the lyrics of the song, making you fall asleep faster. 

2. Music helps you deal with physical pain.
It is not clear as to how music manages to decrease pain, some suggest that since listening to music you like release a chemical called dopamine which makes a person happy so though you may be in pain the chemical helps ease it. Also music can distract you from the pain for a while. Not completely though, so don’t listen to music with a broken arm go to the hospital.

3.Feeling down? Listen to your favourite song!
Listening to an upbeat song won’t make you get over your depression, but listening to a favourite song of yours will release dopamine which is a feel good chemical you need to be happy.

4. It helps you relax
Listening to music with a low tempo and low pitch without music can calm you. Listening to music before a surgery helps patients calm down.

5. Reduces stress!
Music is capable of reducing the stress hormone cortisol which is also the same hormone responsible for weakening our immune system. Listening to 50 minutes of music in a day has been shown to increase antibodies in a person.

6. It keeps the mind alert and occupied, as some people say an idle mind is the root of evil. Music to an extent keeps the mind busy, that’s why we find ourselves singing along with the song.

7. Do you know the last thing you do, listen to or watch, has some effects on your dream? Yes, though not scientifically proven, we can all attest to the fact. So it’s more advisable to listen to soft gentle music before going to bed. 

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