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Sell Your Airtime To Cash Instantly on Palmpay

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Now you can easily sell and swap your airtime to cash instantly and directly on palmpay within seconds and also buy airtime at a much more discounted rate.

Palmpay convert airtime to cash

Palmpay has been a very big brand in Nigeria, competing with the likes of kuda, opay the others. They’ve made buying of airtime fun with loads of coupons and offers including giveaways.

Here’s how to sell your airtime and collect cash back instantly within seconds on palmpay… 

First follow This LINK to sign up on palmpay if you don’t have an account, and install the app on Playstore. But if you do just continue to the next step.

Next login to the app after sign up and on the homepage click on this section as seen via the screenshot.

After that is done, select the amount you want to buy or sell, input your number and complete the order. As simple as that. 

Hope this article was helpful, if you have further questions, ask them in comments section below.


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