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Send Summary Of Your Latest Blog Posts To Your Feedburner Email Subscribers And Boost Traffics

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Boosting of traffics comes in several ways starting from increasing our PR backlinks to drive organic traffics from search engines, to building our social media presence to send social media traffics.. But we shouldn’t overlook our email subscribers as a good number of traffics can be generated from there. 

If you are using Feedburner to send your latest blog posts to the inbox of your email subscribers, you can offer a short summary that will include links that can redirect subscribers to read the full posts on your blog. This can easily be done, by activating the Feedburner “Summary Burner” feature.

The Summary Burner simply allows Feedburner users to offer a short summary of their content and direct subscribers to their websites for the rest of the story. It allows users to append an optional “Teaser” message to each content item – and it works for WordPress and Blogger blogs.

How To Activate Feedburner Summary Burner

Sign in to Feedburner. If you are new to feedburner, burn your feed and activate email subscription.

Click on “Optimize”

Click on “Summary Burner”

Click “Activate”

You can edit the “maximum length” and “teaser” as desired.

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