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The Cooler Master Sphere

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The Cooler Master Sphere is a processor when encouraged to work hard, of course, will generate heat. This heat will increase as the increasing severity of the processor. Processor heatsink that covers the duty to reduce heat generated earlier. 

But, as you get hot, of course, the fan heatsink will work even harder. Fan rotation will be faster and generate noise. Noise is of course made the atmosphere uncomfortable.

CoolerMaster heatsink of this size has the shape of the moon which is not too wide so it fits many types of motherboards. All parts of this heatsink is made of 100 percent copper, which could help the absorption of heat release is better, let alone still equipped with four heatpipes. Do not be alarmed if this heatsink generate noise because the fan is installed only has speed to 2200 rpm.

When compared on the heatsink, CoolerMaster Sphere standard of performance is able to lower the temperature about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius compared to the standard heatsink at full load conditions. Unfortunately, the number of sections to be assembled at this heatsink, making installation difficult.

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