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Windscribe Has Been Acquired By BSVPN

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It’s no longer news that VPN has become the norm of the day in our current century, because most times people prefer to browse privately to protect their data! One of the biggest VPN companies in the world {windscribe} has decided to sell off, as I received in my newsletter a while ago. It can be read in the quoted text below.

We are very proud to announce that we have been acquired by Gape Technologies for $696,969,420! On April 1st, we will honour our new overlords by rebranding to BSVPN! Remember the old Windscribe features we had? We’ve improved them because at BSVPN we think big, how big? Check out our latest infomercial below to find out all the details.

I’ll be discussing a little bit of what I know about BSVPN here.

Who is BSVP?

Even though they are not a very well known VPN service provider, they are definitely a strong force to recon with. Not only does BSVPN have location cloaking abilities, they’ve figured out a way for you to connect to servers in the past. With BSVPN you can go back to three months ago when gas didn’t cost more than Gucci braces for the infant children of the Austrian aristocracy!

Is BSVPN Privacy Secured?

BSVPN is the latest in colorless, genderless, scentless, apolitical, green-powered time travel technology! Each BSVPN server is paw-selected by a team of hyper-intelligent meerkats, with human names like “George”. They pick only the sweetest Compaq servers, retrofitted with brand new i486 processors and like, 20 megabytes of RAM. What does this costly and adorable process accomplish? It ensures that their servers are ultra secure so your virtual-privates remains networked and your networked privates remain virtual!

Can I create an account with BSVPN and is it free for life?

Want an account? BSVPN only accepts FutureBucks now, which are a super advanced combination of Bitcoin and Dogecoin, divided by the weight of a single slice of Camembert cheese if it was on Pluto. Don’t believe Pluto is a planet? Use BSVPN to go back in time to when it was! There are no limits to what BSVPN can do for you. Sign up to BSVPN today, and have a great anonymous surfing…


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