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Abeg App Review – All You Need To Know About The Fin-tech Startup

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Abeg application is like the popular Cash App application. It’s a P2P payment application founded by a young Nigeria and Africa. It’s a fun and intuitive social installment application for effectively sending and getting cash in Nigeria.

It was additionally one of the sponsors and supporter of BVN season 6 (2021) – Shine ya eye unscripted television show.

So What does Abeg mean in Nigerian?

In West Africa, and for the most part In Nigeria, this is local dialect phrase that means “please.” A word used to beg or argue for something.

The fintech business in Africa and Nigeria is on a skyscraper and there are a great deal of fintech applications for sending and getting cash. Yet, they’re for the most part something similar. They likewise have a ton of client experience issues.

However, the Abeg application is unique. It’s a basic, useful, fun and natural application. 

It applies a social turn to sending and getting cash. This is the company’s greatest selling point.

Abeg permits you to send and demand cash from individuals on your telephone contact list. They likewise must be clients of the application. 

With its solicitation for cash include, you can request assets from family, companions and even outsiders in the event that you have their IDs – what the Abeg group calls “labels.” 

Who claims Abeg application/Abeg organizers? 

Abeg was released in Semptember 2020 by developers Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh and Dare Adekoya. The application dispatch became famous online via web-based media as a result of its likenesses to Cash App and its astounding social way to deal with getting and making installments. 

There’s an unsubstantiated gossip that the thought for the Abeg application came from a web-based media post by somebody requesting a Nigerian choice to Cash application. 

What’s genuinely going on with Abeg? 

One reason abeg was made was a result of giveaways. Individuals like it when they’re gifted cash. You’ll see a ton of post from Nigerians via web-based media that goes to some degree like this: ” Boss come do giveaway”.

Giveaways are additionally a way of becoming well known via web-based media as certain individuals can vouch for. 

This Abeg survey will not be finished without discussing the abeg labels. 

Abeg labels permit you to demand cash from any Abeg clients who are on your contact list. You simply need to type in their Abeg tag and your solicitation for cash will be shipped off them. This doesn’t need your bank details. Notwithstanding, your telephone number should be connected to the BVN you enrolled with. 

You additionally get identifications when you send money to individuals on abeg. A portion of the identifications you can get incorporate “fundssss”, “Much obliged”, “Lifeline”, “No doubt about it”, “Cash Spender”, and “Anon”.

Abeg additionally plans to dispatch a merchandise store where you can purchase abeg stock and perhaps present them as well. Users of this application can likewise give to any reason in form of a donation (gathering pledges) and furthermore tip experts as well. 

Likewise talks of are being clients having the option to save spend in gatherings, where you and your companions start an inner circle on the application and can disburse payments for stuff as a coterie. Just as the capacity to save in bunches as well.

Abeg has plans for credits also, where clients will approach advances as well. The Abeg application is accessible for download on Android Playstore and Apple Appstore.


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