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How Social Media Affects Ecommerce Business Models


In recent years, the social media has gained enormous popularity in the society, and it has in more ways than one, affected our lives directly or indirectly. With talks of viral shares, businesses have decided to harness an untapped potential commonly referred to as viral marketing.

Viral marketing as the name implies, is a method of marketing whereby consumers are encouraged to share information about a company’s goods or services via the internet using social networks as a medium.

Social media for ecommerce has become a critical element in sales growth for many businesses as it provides many opportunities to help a business grow and succeed.
Social Media Effects on Ecommerce Businesses 

One of the major ways in which the social media affects ecommerce is by building brand and products awareness. Take for instance, Kameymall which is a major ecommerce platform that deals with the sales and distribution of several authentic products, would be involved heavily in creating social media awareness so as to boost their ratings and attract a wider range of new and returning unique visitors that would eventually convert to customers.
It’s important to note that social shares might not necessarily mean that all the readers and those engaging with the content are all target audience, but they are definitely a positive influence and ‘a means to an end’. 
When users that aren’t target audiences are referred to as a means to an end, there are some factors to understand but I’ll explain quickly making use of an illustration to make it comprehensible or less complicated. 
On reddit or quora, there are a lot of enthusiastic users that are actively browsing those platforms and are looking for attractive posts. These set of people most often, upvotes a thread after reading and move on to the next without actually being totally interested in the content. So if for example, a post or question about a product that offer a safe way for athletes to practice jumps, flips, somersaults, forward and backward rolls, front and back handsprings, bridges, handstands and other demanding moves whilst being appropriately safeguarded is made, a willing user might proffer a solution about an Air track mat and subsequently get upvotes and shares about the product, making it to rank higher in search results.
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Another angle to look at it is the adaptation to trends and keeping up with the demands and insatiable needs of the customers. With an active social media presence, it’s highly unlikely to miss the changes in trends. Why trends are so vital is that they present a more intimate and accurate realization to the pressing needs of people who can go all the way out to find a solution to their problems. 
A social media trend that goes viral can lead to an uprising in demand for a particular product and also it can close down a business, even if the trend is not true or verifiable. That’s what makes social media the newest challenge/opportunity for ecommerce marketers. Companies that want to retain market share and build their image must develop tactics for the use of social media and for defending against problems created by the use of this powerful marketing tool.

Tracking the Success of Your E-Commerce Company’s Social Media Strategy
After deciding to embark on utilizing the unlimited potentials of the social media to impact your business positively, it’s now time to ensure that you don’t just dive in blindly. You need to ensure that there is a workable plan to achieve and an expert handling that sector, except you are an experienced expert in that field. And also making use of the right premium tools and analytics to keep you updated about the business and market progress reports.
Choose quantifiable metrics representing engagement (such as likes, upvotes, shares, comments, or retweets). Track your website traffic and how much traffic you are getting from your social media channels, follow up reviews and comments both positive and negative from your own channel and keep track of sales generated by social media marketing and sales completed online or through your campaigns.
Conclusively, try to note carefully that reviews from happy customers serve as social proof for customers who are still in the contemplating stage of their customer journey. By engaging with comments, you can show your audience that you value your customers and appreciate their feedback. So even though the feedback you receive is negative, treat negative comments as an opportunity to provide solutions and again, showcase how seriously you take your customers’ opinions and reviews.


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