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How To Get Approved by Google Adsense Easily. Updated Trick For 2021

Google Adsense is an affiliate program through which you can monetize your YouTube Channel or Webpage and earn money online without any investment. 
In simple words Google Adsense is the easiest and one of the trusted ways to earn online as a publisher. Its as easy as that, but its not so easy to get approved by Google Adsense. 
Your HTML Page

Alot of people have tried applying for the advertisement program but to no avail. Today I have taken out time to write an article on how you can get approved easily.
Types of Google Adsense:
Non-Hosted Google Adsense (68% revenue share)
Hosted Google Adsense:
If you have applied through Google hosted partner then your Adsense will be hosted and you are only able to show ads on your hosted partners ex: YouTube, Blogger etc… you will not be able to show ads on other webs with your hosted Google Adsense. In Order to Show ads on Other Webs you need to upgrade Your Google Adsense from Hosted to Non-Hosted.
Non-Hosted Google Adsense:
If you apply directly through your domain to Google Adsense then your account will be Non-Hosted. However your domain will have to be Free (.tk, .ml, .cf, .gq) or Premium (.com, .net, .info). Just you need to have a domain that completely redirect to your web or blog. You will be able to show ads on every website with Non-Hosted Google Adsense.
How to get approve by Google Adsense:
There are some simple and important steps that you may follow to achieve approval by Google Adsense.
Create A Blog or Webpage
First of all you need is to create a Blog or Webpage. You can easily open a free blog with blogger or wordpress, and continue with their free domain names, i.e .blogspot.com and .wordpress.com, but for the sake of adsense it would be more advisable to use a custom domain by purchasing from any domain sellers.
Purchase a Host
If you are using blogger, you can still use google’s blogger as your free host, but getting approved would be a little bit difficult. So in my opinion, I’ll suggest you purchase hosting from goddady or any hosting provider.
If you are using wordpress, then you can also purchase hosting from any host provider.
Hosting prices differs as you can pay for a year or a month, and for unlimited traffic spaces or 25000 traffic spaces. If you apply this particular tip, then you are 70% away from getting approved by adsense.
Design your Blog
Designing your Blog plays a vital role in getting approved by adsense. In some disapproval emails I have come across, they always talk about not having easy Navigation on the blog, so you can achieve this by making your blog easy to navigate. Navigation can also include addition of numbered navigation buttons. You may also design your blog by the use of blogger’s free templates or you can easily purchase a professional template.
Add Following Pages to your Blog.
* About Us.* Contact Us.* Privacy policy
Write 10 to 15 good quality Articles and make sure you publish your own articles or there will be copyright issue during Google Adsense application.
Drive some organic traffic to Your Blog using Social Marketing and SEO. (200-300 traffics per day). After you reach (10,000) Traffic you can Apply for Google Adsense. 
I am hopeful that if you will follow these steps and work nicely you will get your Adsense application approved.
If you have other ideas on how to easily get aprroved by adsense, Feel Free To Drop A Comment.


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