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How To Setup A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog And How Much Does it Cost?

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The question “how to start up a self-hosted blog” cannot be fully emphasized as there are many factors to take into consideration. Factors which are but not limited to:
* The platform you would like to venture into.. such as wordpress, weebly etc
* Time which you would be willing to invest..
* How you can increase traffics by targeting users..
* The Niche you would be focusing on..
* How much you are willing to invest both on start-up and for running the blog.
And so much more…..

Wordpress Setup, costs

On this article I’ll be dealing mostly on how much it would cost to get a professional wordpress blog started and running.. Everyone knows that hosting your blog can become a costly affair, and the question of cost arises in every new blogger’s mind. How much is it going to cost to create a self-hosted WordPress blog?

Starting a self hosted blog on wordpress is not as costly as people may think, with a few $ you can get one but still, there are some other necessary elements that you will have to pay for such as a domain name and a hosting space. These extra costs will depend on your specific requirements.

As time goes on and you go deeper in the profession, you may also choose to invest in customization, SEO, or other factors along the way. These things may also cost money.

Though other platforms are available, I’ll strongly recommend wordpress if you want your site to look clean and professional, and if your intent is simply to start a blog on WordPress, you can start with a minimal cost of $60 for unlimited hosting and a free domain with Bluehost or Godaddy.

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*The first element you need to shop for is a domain. Having a domain name is like buying property and giving an address for your new website. You need to make sure that your domain name is brandable or, at least, keyword rich. Also you’ll need to choose a domain with either .com, .org, .net, .ng, or .com.ng.

NB: If you purchase through Bluehost, you will get a free domain. The only downside to this is that you must first purchase a hosting plan before you can be given a free domain. In case you need to buy additional domains, GoDaddy is one of the better cheap registrars. Their domains are around $10-35 a year.

*The next factor and most important is the Hosting. This is one major investment that you will be making in the process of starting your own WordPress blog. I would suggest that you do not compromise on the quality of your hosting service. You should try to get reliable (yet affordable) web-hosting. For a new blog, shared hosting is best.

Here are some recommended WordPress hosting services along with prices for one year:

Bluehost: $85/year  (with one free domain)
HostGator: $70/year
Godaddy: $150/year
upperlink.ng: $50/year

*Technical Setup. There are many tutorials and resources available on the Internet that will help you set up a WordPress blog if you want to set it up yourself, or you can hire a a professional webdesigner to set it up for you. This services shouldn’t cost much if you are willing to hire someone.

Utilizing a professionally designed WP theme. From my experience, the toughest task is to choose the right theme for your site there are many free WordPress themes, but they are missing some of the important aspects of premium WordPress themes in terms of speed, price, and functionalities and also a fully SEO optmized. Professional WordPress themes should be around $50-100.

WordPress Premium Plugins:
One of the major benefits of WordPress is its great list of free plugins, many of which can be found at the WordPress plugin repo. There are also many premium plugins that are available at varying costs, but generally WordPress Premium Plugins are around $47-$200.

Technically, as a new blogger wanting to start your blog with minimal investment, you may not need any premium services or plugins. But if you don’t have an investment issue, you can grab some of the premium plugins to help you increase your site’s functionality (like boosting your on-page SEO optimization).

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