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How You Can Directly Save Files From Cloud To Your Browser

Browsing the Internet is one of our daily activities, as with the daily advancement of technology, everyone is trying to keep up to date. Now with all this activity we might want to save some important documents or files, either by storing them in a USB drive or uploading it to a cloud storage. But uploading to a cloud storage involves some strenuous processes to complete. That’s why Ballloon a chrome extension is here to make things easier and faster.
Directly saving web files to cloud storage services with Ballloon
Step 1 : Install Ballloon from the Chrome Web Store, and use your google account to sign-in to the service.
Step 2 : After this, you also need to connect Ballloon with the cloud storage service(s) that you directly want to save files to. This can be done by going to the Cloud Settings section on your Ballloon account homepage. Some of the popular cloud storage services supported are Dropbox , Google Drive, and OneDrive.
Step 3 : You’re all set. Now whenever you view an online file that can be saved to Ballloon (e.g. image, PDF document), you’ll see the icons of supported cloud storage services on the top right corner of the file. Simply click on the icon of the desired cloud storage service, and Ballloon will automatically save the file to it. 
The process takes place in the background, so you don’t have to track the upload progress either.
Ballloon operates on the freemium model, and the free account gives you 2 GB monthly data traffic. 
The paid plans start at $9.9/month, and offer features like increased data traffic and the ability to upload videos and zipped files.
If you have tried using Ballloon, you can be helpful to others by sharing your experience with us.
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