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Premium WordPress Plugins for 2018 You Should Have

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WordPress plugins provide a great way to add to or extend WordPress functionality. Thereby, they can do the same for your websites. In this post, you’ll find 10 WordPress plugins that comprise the best 2018 selection of plugins you must have or atleast keep in mind.

A judicious selection of WordPress plugins is a must. It can ensure your WordPress website will perform optimally. The websites you are building will do so as well. You can have the ability to give visitors exactly what they are looking for. Like this, you’re creating a win-win situation for your clients, for the website users, and for yourself.

This is as good a time as any to give your WordPress website what could be a much-needed upgrade. You can do so by installing one or more of the following plugins.

1. wpDataTables

Creating anything but the simplest tables and charts can take time. And, when you have huge amounts of complex data to work with, it may hardly seem worth the effort to pursue the task, but it must be done. Then of course, there’s the matter of a chart’s or table’s readability, responsiveness, or how easily you can edit it or keep it current once you’ve created it.

wpDataTables takes care of all that. This WordPress plugin is so powerful and so easy to use, that more than one web designer has switched over to WordPress just to be able to take advantage of everything this popular plugin has to offer.

This is a handy tool to have when you’re working with reams of financial or scientific data, or you need to create and maintain a large product catalog for an online store.

Front-end editing, working with huge MySQL tables, and color coding or highlighting key data or data categories are just a few of this WordPress plugin’s many useful features.

2. LayerSlider

LayerSlider isn’t your typical slider-design plugin. While you’ll love working with this WP plugin’s ever-expanding selection of professionally-designed slider templates, there’s much more to this package than you might have reason to expect.

What LayerSlider gives you in fact, is a complete animation platform. It comes with its own drag and drop visual editor which, when combined with its versatile layout options and animated page blocks, allows you to build galleries, slideshows, and even a complete website using these and this plugin’s other tools. This plugin’s increasingly popular Popup feature allows you to use sliders as modal windows to present viewers with subscription reminders, signup forms, and other useful information.

LayerSlider is totally device-friendly, retina-ready, and responsive, so your creations easily adapt to smartphone, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.

Not to forget, the user support and the plugin’s supporting documentation is excellent and of the highest quality.

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

Whether you select NextGEN gallery or NextGEN Pro, you’ll find yourself able to take your gallery creations to the next level. A good piece of advice will be to first give NextGEN gallery a try – it’s free; and if you like what you see, and you probably will, give NextGEN Pro some thought. NextGEN’s authors recommend this approach.

NextGEN Gallery has been the industry standard for a gallery design plugin since 2007. As you might expect, designing a relatively simple gallery with either version of NextGEN is an easy task. What might surprise you is that working with thousands of images, grouping them into albums, or creating and edit thumbnails is nearly as easy.

There’s a variety of gallery display types to choose among, including both slideshow and thumbnail styles; plus, there’s a wide variety of sizing, timing, and transition options, and more.

4. CSS Hero

You’ve designed and launched a website, and suddenly you feel the need to make some changes in its appearance.

Doing so could take nearly as much time as you spent during the design-launch process.

Enter CSS Hero. This WP plugin is basically a WYSIWYG real-time CSS editor that features a responsive editing mode, allowing you to preview how your edits will appear on mobile devices. The generated CSS stylesheet can be exported too, so there’s no “vendor lock-in”.

5. Blog2Social

The Blog2Social WordPress plugin provides a comprehensive social media automation solution for social media workers, marketers, and businesses of any size. More than being just another auto-posting tool, Blog2Social enables you to select your post formats, customize your posts, and vary your content from one network to the next. Use Blog2Social to schedule and track your posts to any or all of 15 supported social media networks and their profiles, pages, or groups.

6. REXPANSIVE Page Builder

The Rexpansive plugin gives you a unique way to create your layouts. You simply insert text, images, and video in the sizes you want, no need to enter any values. No matter which theme you’re using, or which browser or device you’ll be displaying your pages on, you won’t need special code or sets of tools to ensure everything will fit. Rexpansive’s automated content size-management features take care of everything.

7. Heroic Knowledge Base

With help from the powerful Heroic Knowledge Base plugin, you can create a knowledge database for your website that will allow users to find information they need in seconds. With help from this plugin’s analytics and feedback-collecting features you can determine which articles or data are helpful to the users, and which may need improvement. Heroic Knowledge Base offers an excellent opportunity to turn a good website into an award-winning one.

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