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Why Psiphon is Slow and Always Disconnects | Solution & Discussion

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The reason behind this is quite simple and we can make an attempt to stop it… Stop psiphon from disconnecting and being slow. 

Why Psiphon disconnects and How to Steady the Connection

 Why psiphon is slow and always disconnects

1) Too many users. 

Believe it or not, millions of Nigerians access the Internet and many of that uses these Subscriptions to connect cheaply. So, it’s understandable that mtn BbLited on psiphon is sometimes slow. 

Remedy: There’s surely no remedy for this one that am aware of. 

2: Too many people using the same servers.

Psiphon uses servers around the world to keep people connected and most of the time, there are too many people trying to use a particular server. This can cause a lag in the way the connection is processed. When you’re setting up psiphon, you probably left it at choose best servers 

Remedy: Choosing a particular country’s servers aside leaving it at the default can help reduce the load on a particular one. 

3. Poor network in your Location 

If there’s generally poor network in your locality, your connection will most likely be slow and you can’t do anything about it. 

Remedy: move to a better Location and look to get better service. 
Once the connection is strong enough, psiphon should appear to disconnect less and also speed up. 
Enjoy the speed and drop comments below 


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