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World of Warcraft – Warlock Leveling Guide and Warlock Leveling Spec

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Starting a new WOW level is a bit difficult especially when you are the person who has the habit of doing everything right. Warlock is a easy class and playing it is a fun and the Warlock leveling spec and Warlock leveling guide will make things of less problem till level eighty. Warlock is the most powerful PvE classes and if played properly and with the right spec while soloing. Affliction is the best soloing tree and is very powerful and efficient while leveling which results into a warlock that never requires to drink or eat.

The basic Affliction Warlock Leveling Spec is as follows:

Improved Curse of Agony – Rank 2/2

Improved Corruption – Rank 5/5

Suppression – Rank 3/3

Fel Concentration – Rank 3/3

Shadow Embrace – Rank 1/5

Siphon Life – Rank 1/1

Shadow Mastery – Rank 5/5

Contagion – Rank 5/5

Dark Pact – Rank 1/1

Improved Howl of Terror – Rank 2/2

Malediction – Rank 3/3

Unstable Affliction – Rank 1/1

Pandemic – Rank 1/1

Everlasting Affliction – Rank 5/5

Haunt – Rank 1/1

Improved Drain Soul – Rank 2/2

Improved Life Tap – Rank 2/2

Soul Siphon – Rank 2/2

Improved Fear – Rank 2/2

After you get all these talents the rest of the choices depends on you. I would recommend to get talents like empowered corruption and taking other new talents you left along the way. After a good leveling spec now make yourself ready for the warlock leveling guide. Use mouse for turning and keybinds for abilities. If you are doing it the other way then you might react slow. One should use a good questing guide while playing this game WOW. Keep food and water in hand although warlocks don’t need it but still it sucks waiting for passive regain.

Now, it is the actual Warlock leveling guide!

The agro abilities of the voidwalker should be turned on while using it. It is important to learn kite because it becomes easier to burn down the toughest opponents.

Go for shadow damage, int, stamina, spirit and spell power over stats. Now, the play varies at each level, so lets try over each level. The play will start with shadow bolt. After that, you will have the few important spells.


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