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Comparison: Android 5.0 & Apple iOS 8 & Blackberry 10.3

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Have you been looking to see a comparison of these 3 gaint operating systems? A showdown between android, blackberry and apple? Here It is. The 3 OS actually bear a lot in common and I’ll compare their abilities in this post. 

Homescreen: iOS 8 and BB 10.3 presents all your apps on the homescreen, while Android lets you select which apps, widgets or folders should appear on the homescreen.

Winner? Android! 

App collection: While Android has an app drawer that neatly separates apps and widgets, BB10.3 and iOS 8 have apps laid out on the home screen.
Winner? Android! 

Quick settings: iOS 8 has the maximum number of quick-access settings on its Control Centre and a separate dropdown for notifications. Android and BB have a common area for notifications and quick settings.

Winner? iOS 8! 

Messaging: All three OSes support predictive text. Android Lollipop uses a ‘Swype’ keyboard for faster typing, while BB 10.3 makes use of the physical as well as an on-screen keyboard.

Winner?__ you say… 

Multi-tasking: While all the three OSes lets you switch between apps, iOS 8 also lets you call or text recent contacts.

Winner? iOS 8!

Dialpad: Though all the three have well laid out keys on the dial pad, you can quickly switch to different dialling options in iOS 8 and BB 10.3

Winner? iOS 8 and BB 10.3 

Contacts list: All the three OSes neatly categorise your contacts alphabetically.

So that’s it for the comparison between android lollipop, blackberry 10.3.3 and iOS 8.
It’s important to note that BlackBerry 10.3.3 is not yet released but hopefully this month, it’ll surface. 

Now, which one do you consider your favorite?
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