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How To Make New Real Friends on Facebook

You might already be on Facebook and have started getting used to the community ecosystem, but yet can’t figure out how to get more acquaintances to relate with. This platform isn’t all about just scrolling, liking and commenting, because at a point one needs to make real friends to be in touch with. 

Before invading that inbox, for a chat or discuss of any sort, it’s

imperative to note some basic salient points that will help your shot to
touch the net and penetrate your target.
When someone accept your request, resist the urge of invading the
inbox immediately as you may have no basic things to talk about and it’s boring. 
There is no need tagging the person and thanking him or her for
accepting your friends request, or going to inbox to thank him or her
even if it’s a celebrity. You didn’t win any lottery, it’s friendship,
he or she needs you as much as you need him or her, it reduces your self esteem. Things like thanks for accepting me, thanks for acceptation and
all the jargons aren’t necessary.
Get to know the basic information about your target it’s important,
check through the biography records, basic things like state of origin, place of residence, work or school in attendance, business etc. 
Take a little walk down the timeline… 
Know his or her social preferences:
Take your time to follow up his or
her preferred topics of engagements, Such as business, Education, social
economical issues, politics, health, religion , humor, trends, dramas,
frivolities etc so you will have some basic things to discuss.
Take your time to know what your target account is meant for, either if it’s a personal account or business account this is because a lot of persons mostly those who uses their accounts specifically for businesses wouldn’t like in engaging on issues that is not business oriented.
Start from the comment section: 
A lot of people dont know that the
comment section is the oil deal, it is where the real deal happens , start
interacting with him or her from the comment section so you get his or her attention, engage in his or her post and get that familiarization, the moment you are good at that and if well established , it will help you to
know the basic information need.


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