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How To Prevent Your SmartPhone From The Risk Of Being Hacked

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Phone hacking has now become one of the most concerned issue around the globe when it comes to staying secured online. Though mostly people don’t bat an eye upon it, in reality, if you’re not careful about your online security, you’re likely to lose your valuable data through cyber crime and hacking.
As internet can be no easily accessed on our cell phones, people now prefer to check emails, do social networking and shop online using their mobile.

This is the major reason in the increase of cyber crime. Why? Because people access their accounts all the time over the internet without even knowing that their data is being transferred through an unknown IP address whose traffic is being monitored and easily accessible.

Why do people hack into someone’s phone? There are multiple reasons. To get access over some brilliant business deal going on or to get into someone’s band account. Pictures are hacked for blackmailing by a friend in disguise or for bullying. One can never know other person’s intentions. So, instead of finding reasons that why someone would hack into your personal data, or track GPS location of cell phones it’s better to stay safe and keep your information protected in the cell phone as well as over the internet.

Now how to keep data protected. There are multiple ways of doing it. First of all, never use an open internet connection which is not password protected. It’s usually attractive for a user but you never know whether its traffic is being monitored or not. Moreover, you cannot locate its IP address from which your browser history can be retrieved

Always log out of your personal accounts of banks, social networking sites and other browsers and never keep their icons over the lock screens. Keeping the icons over the lock screen make their access easy and their passwords can be easily retrieved. You should also clear your browser history and clear cache memory and cookies time to time to avoid malicious activity over your phone.

After buying a cell phone, always change its default browser. While choosing a password, don’t be predicable because people who are close to you can easily guess them and unlock your phone accounts easily. Don’t use important dates like birthdays or anniversaries because they’re predictable as well. It is recommended to use upper and lower case letters while setting up your passwords.

Always keep your Bluetooth off when it’s not in use. Bluetooth is the easiest form of connection to take hold of someone’s data. Never turn it on at a public place like coffee shops, restaurants, train stations, airports etc and don’t even use Bluetooth in buses or trains. People around you can access your data and transfer it to their cell phones and you won’t even get a notification.

If you’re saving your passwords and passcodes of your various accounts in your cell phone, just don’t type them in a drafts message because they can also be accessed. Instead, use a safe and protected app for saving passwords and pins. But sometimes, these apps are not reliable as they can be hacked as well. Therefore, it’s better not to save any kind of such data in your cell phone.

If it’s still bothering you that your phone can get hacked, then it’s always better to switch off your cell phone when not in need. People who do most of their business dealings and other confidential activities through their cell phones, shut them down at night or when not in use just to keep their data safe. Taking out its battery is also recommended because it won’t even let anyone to locate its location even if a strong software is used.


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