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Is Amazon A Good Solution To Host Your WordPress Website?

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After realizing that I wanted a faster web hosting company, I eventually determined to strive out a number of amazon’s hosting merchandise. Amazon has so many net services that it may be a little daunting to get started with them, however i determined to present it a pass.

The primary element that I searched for changed into the capability to host wordpress web sites. After a bit studies, I found that amazon had simply brought an application for wordpress. Using their new “lightsail” product, I discovered that it changed into really pretty simple to configure and cargo up wordpress. There are numerous different famous cms apps as nicely, which include drupal and joomla. In case you are interested in an e-commerce answer, magento is also supported.

Lightsail isn’t for large deployments, but it is pretty darn smooth for smaller necessities. In a nutshell, you join up, put in your domain name, set up wordpress, installation your dns zones, map the static ip address it really is assigned to you, and it launches.

While you go to release one of the apps, amazon refers to them as “instances”. You would choose the example which you are interested by (wordpress, drupal, and so forth) and comply with the step-by means of-step instructions.

1. The first factor is to name your example. In case you don’t name it, lightsail will create a name for you. Amazon works in zones, and in my case, it is usually virginia. You may change the zone if you like, however i’ve found it is better just to leave it at the default sector.

2. You’ll also pick your instance plan, which is the month-to-month price that fits your requirements.

3. You could also run other diverse scrips and select either the default ssh key pair or alternate the key pair. As above, i continually stick with the default.

4. Then click create. It takes a few minutes after which a page comes up with a public ip cope with and a username to connect to the example. You will need your non-public key out of your amazon account, so in case you do not have one, you will need to create it.

5. Bitnami is used to connect to the new web site. However after, you’ve loaded wordpress, you login precisely the same manner with every other web hosting corporation. Bitnami is quite intuitive and would not take extra than 15 or 20 minutes to learn how to navigate around.

There may be also some project publications and videos as properly to help with the set up. In line with the wordpress project guide there is most effective 5 steps, but in reality, it’s greater like eight steps.

I loaded this up some weeks in the past, so I have never had time to fully build it out, however I had no troubles loading the topic. I’m also the usage of an aws plugin (loose) as a way to reproduction any media documents to amazon s3 and serve from s3 cloudfront. With any luck, this can cut down on load instances for my pages.

It takes a few being used to not having cpanel, but, all in all, i’d say, it is a exact “sure” to at least attempting amazon’s lightsail to host your wordpress websites.


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