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Quick Google Search Tips; How To display Search Result From Only A Particular Website Of Your Choice

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Ever needed an information about something from a particular website and only that website, but having difficulties going about it because Google search displays random results from other websites? well here are some simple tricks on how to go about it. 

Step 1: 
You can start by visiting Google and clicking on the search box, then just use this kind of command on the search box- 
site:[website] [selected keyword] and boom it displays results about what you want, and atimes the entire first page results would be gotten from the website you entered in the search box.

 As you see in the picture below. The results are awesome.

Now, let’s say you want to get news about Samsung from a website – giftechs.com.ng ; what you’ll type into your Google search box then would be – site:giftechs.com.ng Samsung.
Credits: Ninis.

Step 2:
This next step is somehow similar to step 1 only that the search action would have to be taken from the website itself. Although not all websites usually adapt this method.
*Goto the desired website
*Look for any search box withing with the label {google custom search} which is usually below or beside the search box like in the image below..

*Note such boxes normally displays Google ads as the first or second results as this search boxes are particularly for adsense publishers called Adsense for Search, but with the right script you can manually create yours.
*Now from the site’s search box, enter the keyword you desire and click search. It would direct you to another page with search results gotten only from that particular website.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Kindly share, and if you have any contribution or question drop them in the comment section below.



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