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Now You Can Borrow Data From Glo And Pay Later

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Glo has truly proven to be the grand master of data, helping Nigerians stay connected to the internet at a cheaper rate. They have introduced a new offer called Glo Borrow Me Data, which allows subscribers to borrow Data bundle’s of up to 3.2GB whenever their data bundles are exhausted and they have no airtime balance to renew their data plan. 

This offer though like other enticing offers, comes with Terms and Conditions which is but not limited to: being up to a month old in the network and must be a consistent airtime recharger. This still looks cool to me though as in the past I wouldn’t have imagined using my PC to browse. This offer also comes in handy in cases of unsuccessful subscription bundle activation due to low balance.

How To Borrow Data Bundles From Glo:

To borrow data on Glo, kindly dial *321# and follow the on -screen options.

Below are the Data plans you can borrow, their price and validity period.

  • 30MB  – N50 – 1 DAY
  • 60MB  – N100 – 1 DAY
  • 200MB – N200 – 5 DAYS
  • 1.6GB – N500 – 7 DAYS
  • 3.2GB – N1000 – 30 DAYS

NB: You will payback the borrowed data whenever you make a recharge.

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