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This tips will enhance your whatsapp utility

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When we talk about messaging apps, WhatsApp comes out as an eminent name. It has one billion users worldwide, which use it not only for chatting but also for making voice calls and taking advantage of other features.

It is available on almost all major platforms for smartphones. An exponential growth is being expected by experts in the number of users after WhatsApp has dropped off the annual subscription fee of 99 cents.
We have a list of tricks for our readers which are little more curious in nature than common people. The list follows:

WhatsApp Trick 1: Creating Conversation Shortcuts

If you’re chatting more often with a few contacts, and tired of tapping on the screen twice in order to open the conversation. The solution is to add a conversation shortcut to the home screen and this can be done by long-pressing the conversation until you see the “Add chat shortcut” option. Tap on it and you’ll see a new icon on the phone’s home screen.

WhatsApp Trick 2: Know If Your Message Has Been Read

When you see one tick, then your message has been sent, two ticks is the confirmation that the message has been delivered, and the two blue ticks will appear if the recipient will open the message. Same applies to group members, as well.

WhatsApp Trick 3: Read A Message Without Letting The Sender Know You’ve Opened It

Instead of disabling the Read Receipt feature, you can read messages in airplane mode, and they will appear as unread. So, next time when you receive a new message, turn on Airplane mode (swipe up from the bottom of the screen in iOS to reach the Settings menu, or swipe down from the top of the screen in Android) and read the message while your phone is not emitting any type of signal. Then, close WhatsApp and turn off the Airplane mode. Your friend will never suspect you’ve checked his/her message.

WhatsApp Trick 4: Muting Groups

If you’re part of a group with many members, you’ll continuously receive notifications from those who send messages. It can be quite exhausting to check all of them and it’s more annoying to be bothered all the time with notifications. The best solution is to mute the group by tapping the settings icon from the top right of the screen. You will no longer see notifications popping out when a member of that group will send a message.

WhatsApp Trick 5: Starred messages

If you’ve created bookmarks to save your favorite webpages on browsers, then starred messages work in a similar way. When you don’t have time to read an important message, star it and check it later. You will long-press on it and at the top of the screen will appear a star icon on which you’ll tap. You will find all starred messages in a list that will appear when you’ll tap the menu icon from WhatsApp’s home screen.


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