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Woman’s home demolished after Google Maps error

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A woman whose house was damaged by a late last year now owns nothing but rubble.
A demolition crew destroyed her building by mistake on Tuesday after Google Maps provided wrong directions.

Instead of navigating workers to a duplex on Cousteau Drive in Rowlett, Texas, Google Maps took them a block away to Diaz’s duplex on Calypso Drive.
“[Google’s] mistake caused me to lose my home,” she told CNNMoney on Friday.
Google acknowledged the Maps error in an email, and said it’s investigating the cause.
“Google Maps did indeed show incorrect information for the houses in question,” a spokeswoman told CNNMoney. “Both addresses were shown as being in the same location (7601 Calypso Dr) on Google Maps… the issue was fixed as soon as it was brought to our attention.”

Read full story on: CNN tech news


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