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Watch out for the Fake Infinix in the Market

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Smartphones have found their way into the heart of many Nigerians. Some have so blinded that they no more notice the difference between fake phones and original phones. It’s not a surprising thing though because the manufactures of this game Infinix phone has made it in such a way that if you are not a phone geek, you won’t notice that it’s fake!

That’s the work of the latest bad guys in town!

Do Not Fall Victim Of This Fake Infinix Hot Note (X551). I’ll show you what you need to know in order to spot the Fake Infinix phone in the market!

Infinix mobility released the statement below some days ago

“Infinix is committed to offering customers the best quality, so fans/customers should be aware so as not to fall victim purchasing the fake version of this device”

How To Know A Fake Version Of Infinix Hot Note X551

It’ll be useless to inform you of the threat and leave you to figure it out by yourself. Here’s how to identify the Fake Infinix Hot 2 in the market.

Differences between the Fake and original Infinix Hot 2

1. The Top view is different

2. The sensor is vertically placed on the fake which makes it different from the original which has its sensor placed horizontally.

3. The way the Sim port and the speaker is arranged is different.

4. The charger also differs (the original charger is thicker).

So be wise, and share this posts to your friends. Also, try and check the review of any device online, before thinking of buying it.


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