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How To Change Your Android Boot Animation Icon

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In this article today I’ll be showing you different methods of changing your boot animation so you choose the one that suits you better. But before you start you can Backup your Android phone first.

Method 1:
Changing boot icon using an application (Boot Animation)
Boot animation is an android application that gives you root access to your android device and at the same time save you the stress of downloading boot icons by downloading loads of boot icons for
you on the go and gives you an easy review opportunity. Now the deal.

Step 1. Download and Installation of the App
This application is free and can be gotten at Google play store
Download and install one of the above mentioned root file explorers or any other of your choosing. It
just has to get root access.

Step 2. Download your boot animation.
Here is when you download the boot icon you want your device to boot from this LINK

Step 3. Backup (OPTIONAL)
You can either copy the original bootscreen and paste it on your sdcard or computer, or you can
rename it bootanimation.bak and leave it in the original directory for safe keeping.

Step 4. Copy/move boot animation
Copy the bootanimation.zip to the directory that it belongs in.

Step 5. Reboot and Enjoy.

Method 2.
If you don’t like the first method, this is for you.The flashable .zip method is as straight-forward as
straight-forward can be:
Step 1. Put the .zip file on your sdcard
Step 2. Boot your phone into the recovery console
Step 3. Select “Flash ZIP from sdcard”
Step 4. Find the .zip file
Step 5. Flash it
If you are still having difficulties, drop them in the Comments.


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