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Japan Has Instructed Its Citizens to Consume Less Electricity

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Due to an impending heatwave about to hit the country, the Japanese government has urged people living in Tokyo and surrounding neighborhoods to reduce the usage of their electricity.

The ministry of economy, trade and industry has revealed in a statistics that the usage of electricity is expected to rise, and people should turn of unnecessary power sources but still use air-conditioned equipments to avoid heat stroke.

For weeks, officials have warned of a power crunch as temperatures rise.

Over the weekend, the temperature in central Tokyo rose above 35C, while the city of Isesaki, northwest of the capital, saw a record 40.2C. That was the highest temperature ever recorded in June for Japan.

In a statement on Sunday, the ministry said that excess generating capacity for electricity was expected to drop to 3.7% on Monday afternoon in Tokyo and eight surrounding prefectures. It views a buffer of 3% as necessary for stable power supply.

This comes as a result of the earthquake that hit the northeastern region forcing the foreclosure of several nuclear power plants.


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