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Business Ideas Entrepreneurs Should Apply In 2017 For Your Business To Excel

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The idea behind being and entrepreneur isn’t only about having some hand-works or being self employed. There are some ideologies being carried  along which might serve as a limitation, but nonetheless, when the positive thoughts/ideas are put into good use, excellent results must surely show forth..

Below are wonderful and powerful business tips and ideas which can be implored by an entrepreneur….

1. Listen More , Talk Less – Learn to listen to what people say about your business,If a consumer of your product or services is talking it is not even enough to keep quiet, Take At A Designated Time.

2. Invest More On Advertisement And Marketing – Don’t invest all your time and finances on other things 50% of your time an finance should be channeled to advertising and marketing of your business.

3. Spy On Your Competitors – Watch every move your competitors make , know what thy are upto , Know what is new and what the general public likes.

4. Re-Strategize Your Approaches – Your existing strategy not working why not implore new approaches .

5. Stay Positive – Don’t say or think negatively about your business also be positive if things are not working out , Keep on going and say positive.

6. Be Socially Engaged – Your business should be engaged on social platforms . Having a Social Page where clients can easily drop a feedback or request for an update on the latest in stock will definitely keep your business on top .

7. Refuse To Be Constant – Having similar reports year in , year put is bad for business trust me . Refuse to remain the same go the extra mile .

8. Take Risks – Risk taking is one of the fundamental key when it comes to business taking risks and bearing those risks makes you a better business owner.

9. Create A Rapport With Your Patronizers – Having a good relationship with your patronizers makes it easy for you to contact them for updates .

10. Work On Those FeedBacks – Your business might have some feedback from consumers some are good while others are not , try to work on those not so good feedback .

11. Let Your Product (Service) Speak – Don’t keep going about talking about your business , take about your product(service) , Let them test and see .

12. Work On Your Failures – You can fail today , tomorrow and forever if you choose but you can fail today and win tomorrow if you work on your yesterday’s failure.

13. Make Mistake And Learn From Them – No one is perfect. Learn to work on your mistakes .

14. Don’t Say I Try , Say I Can Do Better – Even if you reach your target don’t celebrate yet know that you can exit that limit.

15. Don’t have Favorites Every Customer Should Be treated Equally – If you are to give discounts ,every client should be given the same value.

16. Procrastination Should Be Your Enemy – Procrastination should not only be your enemy in business but also in life.

17. Refuse To Be Satisfy – When others are celebrating your success , work on how to improve and achieve more.

18. Implore Those 21st Century Methods(Ways) – Give your business a 21st century touch , Use the latest and work with the latest.

19. Upgrade Your Tools – Your tools should not be constant as technology upgrades your tools too should upgrade .

20. Spend More – Many people don’t believe in spending money to make money.spend more money and time on your business.

21. Take Advantage Of Situations – When There is a scarcity of something or an event is about to occur , Take advantage of that situation , know what will please people at that instances .

22. Think Outside The Box – Don’t continue with the usual routine , try something new.

23. Don’t Look At It As A Problem , Look At it as an opportunity – A blessing in disguise is a problem , a problem should be looked upon as a business opportunity .

24. Refuse To Follow The Majority – If Everyone is using this , you go and look for about thing to use, don’t follow the crowd let them follow you.

25. Implore New Techniques – For your business to have maximum performances this year look for New Ideas , Innovations and techniques .

26. Don’t Stop Trying – It refuse to work remember the great Thomas Edison who created the Electric wears using today try Nine hundred and Ninety Nine Times (999) it was the One thousandth Times that he got it right . he later said “I have discover 999 ways that electricity can not be created”.

27. Don’t Even Think Of Quitting – Refuse to quit even when all odds are against you.

28. Set Goals and Achieve Those Goals – Set short term and long term goals , what do you want your business to look like in the next two months is a short term goal,How many figure do you want your business to worth in the next ten years is a long term goal.

29. Know What Works For You – Some people can be unique no matter how hard the try , why ? Because the choose to be others instead of been themselves.

30. Work on keeping old customers: As good as pursuing new audience, clients or customers maybe, you shouldn’t neglect the old and faithful ones since they have come a long way in bringing your business to the level it is. As a wise man once said one good customer is better than a hundred worthless customers.

31. Never Give Up – I safe the best for the last , Giving up is never an option , Remembers Quitters never Win and Winners Never Quit.

Final Words: Though the list is comprehensive to an extent, it may not be perfect as no one is perfect except God, but having applied the above listed ideas, your business should start showing positive developments for the better..

Thanks for reading, don.t forget to share and share your thoughts in the comments below…


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